Date : 11-08-2018

They say health is wealth and if health is lost, everything is lost. Have you ever thought of the significance of this statement? If not, it is high time you understood the true value of health because there is no substitute for good health. The lives of people who fall sick are full of challenges. These days, many people consult doctors when they find blood in urine or have pain when they urinate. Of course, this is a serious health concern and proper medical check-up to discover the disease related to urinary tract needs to be done. One needs to be evaluated and treated by a urologist for a speedy recovery. Dr. Pradeep Rao’s Urology Clinic in Mumbai is one of the best clinics for urology treatments.

Also, nowadays the focus is on subspeciality based therapy. Pediatric urology deals with disorders in urinary tracts and genital regions of both male child and female child. Dr. Pradeep Rao, urology specialist in Mumbai offers different treatments to help children to be free from these conditions.

Urological Conditions and Concerned Treatments

Undescended testis (Laparoscopic Orchidopexy)

This condition is also known as Cryptorchidism wherein the descent of testes from the abdomen into scrotal sac is not complete. Orchidopexy is the only surgical solution that is viable here. After giving anesthesia, surgery is carried out to bring the testis into the scrotum by a laparoscopic approach obviating the need of a disfiguring open surgical scar. Child can go home in two days after surgery.

UPJ Obstruction (Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty)

The inability of the movement of urine from the renal pelvis to the proximal ureter causes recurrent abdominal pain and is often misdiagnosed as gastrointestinal upset. This condition is congenital and if diagnosed and treated early can prevent loss of renal function. The major symptoms are urinary tract infection, pain and mass in abdomen. CT Intravenous urography and diuretic renal scan are required to delineate the anatomical problem and to have a baseline value of renal function. The surgery is accomplished by minimally invasive Robotic or Laparsocopic approach which hastens recovery and has a high success rate of 97%.

Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV)

The tube that helps to move out urine from urinary bladder to outside, urethra is affected in this disorder. This can lead to subsequent bladder problems due to obstruction to the flow of urine. The symptoms seen are weak stream of urine, stunted growth, bedwetting etc. The diagnosis of this health condition is normally done using Abdominal ultrasound, Voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG), Endoscopy and blood test. Treatment includes supportive care for the child, Endoscopic ablation and occasionally vesicostomy.

Torsion testis

Abnomal twisting of the spermatic cord causes cessation of blood flow to the testis leading to testicular ischemia and presents as pain and swelling in the scrotum. Early diagnosis is essential to save the testis and is made on a scrotal ultrasound doppler. Emergency surgery is carried out after giving anesthesia to the patient. A small incision is made on the scrotum and the testis is stitched to the inside part of scrotum so that it no longer rotates if it is found viable. A non viable testis has to be removed and the other testis fixed to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

The appropriate treatment for your child has to be figured out after a eliciting a proper history and doing the right tests. A timely intervention can make the difference between saving a kidney or losing it. Only a well-experienced doctor would be capable enough to help you. Dr. Pradeep P Rao's Urology Clinic is one of a kind center that can assure you world class care.

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