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Single-Port Surgery

Single-Port Surgery is a new technique in gynecologic surgery . It means a laparoscopic entry  technique using  a single fascial  incision with a single trocar having multiple ports. Either it uses a single skin incision site with multiple fascial incisions using  individual trocars. We  can perform single-port procedures using standard instruments  and  trocars. In Order to avoid the use of special instruments SPA technique is used. This procedure is minimally invasive.

single pot surgery

Single-Port Surgery procedures can be used for the following :

  • Donor nephrectomy (living kidney donation)
  • Nephrectomy(removal of a kidney)
  • Cystectomy
  • Prostatectomy
  • Cryoablation
  • Sacrocolpopexy
  • For the treatment of varicocele
  • Reconstruction of the urinary tract

Laparoscopic surgery always possess less complications. SO the patient  can return home on the same day after the surgery.

Benefits Of Single-Port Surgery

  • It uses only a single port.
  • It reduces complications when compared to traditional laparoscopic surgeries..
  • Fast recovery
  • It causes less discomfort to patients.
  • This surgery can be performed for different organs at different quadrants of the abdomen.
  • Compared to conventional laparoscopic surgeries, it helps to reduce the wound complications.
  • It is safe and more effective procedure as compared with traditional laparoscopic surgeries.

Devices and Methods  For  Single-Port Surgery

Devices and methods for single-port laparoscopic surgery includes the following :

  • Three adjacent 5mm trocars is inserted through a single umbilical incision.
  • Initially, devices are not used to hold the ports together.
  • CO2 is inhaled through one of the ports.
  • Ports like TriPort, SILS Port, SSL Access System, Glove and wound protector are used for this surgery.
  • By using instruments of different size, it allows the manipulation in different planes which results in minimizing external collisions.
  • Use of flexible laparoscope  system improves  visualization and provide greater working space.

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